Amgueddfa Cymru Museum Wales​

For my final major project, I really wanted to push my abilities and challenge myself the project looks at the development of a completely conceptual brand identity for National Museum Wales, an identity that sits inline and celebrates their core idea and vision, Inspiring People, Changing Lives, keeping welsh arts, culture, and heritage relevant in a digital world by focusing on digital presence, digital platforms, and accessibility.


National Museum Wales has started making great steps in the direction of digitalizing their brand and collections with VR online gallery tours and online exhibitions, improving the accessibility of their museum's content to their audiences, but there’s more that can be done. Amgueddfa Cymru / National Museum Wales need to improve their overall engagement & fully re-brand the museums, refreshing the visual identity, how they communicate and bringing their vision and values to the forefront.

New ACMW Logos

This new logo marque concept aims to communicate how the museum is essentially a container of things, and they continuously showcase these things to the world. The A and M create a shape reminiscent of a building. This logo marque is for use across all 8 museums, bringing the group together and create a stronger Amgueddfa Cymru brand. It is from this basis that the full new brand identity is formed.

The new logos have had the word ‘national’ removed. Amgueddfa Cymru directly translates to Museum Wales, creating more balance within the logo, the word national is no longer needed. The right and left justifications portray a contemporary design approach that supports the further individual museum location logos.

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 14.02.56.png
Screenshot 2021-05-01 at 17.26.41.png
Screenshot 2021-05-01 at 17.27.17.png
Screenshot 2021-05-01 at 17.27.31.png

Typography  ​

Roobert by Displaay foundry. The type sits within the contemporary sans aesthetic but has a softer look and feel to the letterforms that make it feel approachable and friendly while remaining clean and professional. Working perfectly in line with the brand values and personality. It also has a number of digraphs and letterforms that work well with the Welsh language.

To support the bilingual branding, there was a call for custom welsh letterforms. Created from the Roobert Typeface, these letterforms add further character and individuality to the new Amgueddfa Cymru Museum Wales brand making it even more distinguished and unique.


Grid System​

The M right angle of the ACMW logo marque contains and frames imagery, with the bottom bar of the right angle extending to fit grid layout. The imagery is contained within 8 columns of a 12 grid system with the 8 columns representing the 8 museum locations. The imagery bursts out of the corner of the right angle, a symbol of how the contents of the museums are far-reaching beyond the boundaries of its walls, from wales to the world..

Asset 5@3x.png
Group 38.png


A brand new ACMW website concept. This outcome was the main focus for this rebrand due to the focus on digitalization. The current website was lacking engagement. The new website seeks to make the user experience easier for all ages, taking on a clean and simple one-page home screen approach with clearly defined sections and easy to use menu. The header brings in the ACMW motion logo to instantly engage the user.


The Digital Museum

To support Amgueddfa Cymru in their goal to improve their digital experience, a brand new museum concept has been created, Digital Museum Wales. This new museum is aimed at the younger audience, focusing on art, design, music & culture of the present and the future. This museum is a completely online experience, based on the new ACMW website

A4 - 16.png


To support the ongoing digitalization of ACMW the new brand identity now covers their social media platforms, with new social tile & story templates showcasing all ACMW offers. Allowing ACMW to reach a larger audience and generate more visitors to the new website and museum locations.

Ipad Instagram mockup3.png
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To launch the new ACMW rebrand concept and showcase it to the world, a series of conceptual advertisements, pairing with the social media advertising and motion posters comes a series of large-scale city billboards. The aim of the advertisements is to draw attention to the new brand concept, driving traffic to the website, and promoting current exhibitions.



ACMW currently does not have a consistent wayfinding system across its museums. Creating a new system that incorporates the new brand identity, and easily communicates to the user was a must. This new system brings the new identity through to the museum locations, creating an even stronger brand story.

Wayfinding Sign Mockup.png


To ensure the new ACMW brand reaches all touchpoints, bringing the new rebrand full circle. Covering the printed ephemera found within the museums eg Maps, Tickets, Cards Magazines, Booklets, Merchandise & Envelopes.

Asset 18@3x.png
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