Falls First is a safety-driven campaign, changing the daily routine of all healthcare staff. By promoting a Falls First culture, inpatient falls become a priority.


Falls are the most frequently reported incident affecting hospital inpatients, with 247,000 falls occurring in inpatient settings each year in England alone. Reported falls among older patients are more likely to result in some degree of harm and, where harm does occur, it is three times more likely to be severe. One such severe harm is a hip fracture. It is the most common reason for emergency surgery and injury-related death in older people.

The annual cost of Inpatient falls in 2015 was estimated to be £2.3 Billion. Inpatient falls are costly, even where life-changing injuries are not sustained. Such events lead to increased length of stay, loss of confidence, restriction of physical activity, functional impairment, diminished independence and an increased risk of further falls. All of which affect patients’ quality of life.


Through research what became increasingly clear was if a real behavioural change was to happen, there became a need to push for a safety-driven culture within the hospital, by actually changing the way that the healthcare staff work. To fully combat inpatient falls it is important to not only raise awareness of the issue, but to educate and engage the staff, giving them new tools that enable them to improve the quality of care of their patients.

Campaign Identity

It was important to create a campaign that will not only last and stand the test of time, but it was also important to make sure it stood out from other visual material in the hospital, so it is instantly recognised. The goal was to make it as engaging as possible to the audience while still in keeping with hospital settings. The name Falls First does what it says on the tin, it is a constant reminder to all staff to make inpatient falls a priority.

The Logo is a bold yet approachable typographical solution, using a simple but effective visual metaphor. The ‘i’ letterform, in this context symbolising the patient. It is slightly falling over (tilted at 65 degrees, symbolising the aged 65 and over patients) and being held up by the following letters, symbolising the healthcare staff supporting their patient. This approach works perfectly when animated, really emphasising the message to the viewer. The ‘i’ also becomes a key brand identifier throughout the campaign material.

Asset 1@3x 2.png

Staff training animation

This staff training explainer animation stops the confusion between all staff, by ensuring all staff get the same message. It starts by relaying the problem and the terrible effects inpatient falls have, then moves on to showcase the solution; the key assessment checklist. The animation embodies a motivational tone of voice, to engage the audience to really feel that they can do this. Promoting staff teamwork and togetherness with a WE CAN attitude.

Staff Tools

The Key Assessment Checklist

To ensure the 7 KPI assessments are getting achieved, the right tool needed to be created. This is an easy to use Hospital Bed Checklist, to be ticked off as the assessments are completed. It is visible from a distance and works in line with systems already in place in the hospitals. Again using the same ‘i’ letterform on its side to create the containers for the KPI’s.

The Safety Round Board

Now there is a new checklist system, it now called for a system that would promote engagement and follow up to make sure the checklist is getting achieved. The Safety Round Board focuses on bringing the team together, making falls a priority by completing twice-daily rounds and follow up of the Assessment Checklist. The board is to be used within staff-only areas. This board can be a simple whiteboard or could be built digitally for screens. All in all, it is about creating a positive falls first culture.

Staff Awareness Lanyards

The lanyards are a simple yet effective way of raising awareness while also keeping the Fall-Risk assessments a priority in the minds of the staff. It acts as a constant reminder to themselves and others as they go about their busy day.

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 2png.png

Staff awareness lanyards

The lanyards are a simple yet effective way of raising awareness while also keeping the Fall-Risk assessments a priority in the minds of the staff. It acts as a constant reminder to themselves and others as they go about their busy day.

Artboard 3.png


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