A new waste disposal solution that supports medical professionals to accurately dispose of all hospital waste, in a clean, safe and easy way. Allowing them to get on with what really matters, supporting their local communities and saving lives.

Strategy & Design

The aim of this project was to find an innovative recycling solution for the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health board to improve recycling within their hospitals, with a focus on the operating theatres. The approach was to first make recycling as accessible as possible, with a clean and simple one-stop bin system with clear and concise information about what materials can be disposed of into each bin. Second, to make this new bin system stand out in a busy environment the 'Medicycle' brand was applied to the system, giving the solution its own identity, something that medical staff can relate to and take ownership of.


A clear and concise interior solution for all medical bins. Tall, colour-coded wall displays working in unison with the corresponding bin giving straight-forward instruction on what materials can be placed into that specific bin. Saving medical professionals precious time while enabling them to achieve accurate waste disposal.

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The Medicycle App.  

With the new bin system in place, it only seemed natural to create a platform for the staff at Cwm Taf Morgannwg, the Medicycle app. A quick and simple way to ensure all medical professionals receive the same core training on the hospital waste system and expectations. A place to learn and test their knowledge.

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