The Uninhabitable Earth - David Wallis-Wells

The book I chose for the Penguin Student Design Awards 2021 was, The Uninhabitable Earth written by David Wallace-Wells. The book in essence is about Climate Change and Global Warming. He states "It is worse, much worse, than you think", upon reading this book that becomes ever more evident, it is a truly terrifying read, almost like a horror novel, but this is real. The book focuses on showcasing what will happen to the earth and more specifically life on earth due to the warming, rendering certain areas of the world uninhabitable by the end of the century.

My outcome focused on a sense of chaos, which is the main tone of the book, I had the idea of creating the title of the book out of sticks of charcoal, Charcoal is burnt wood, and effectively 'Carbon' so using this material creates a strong link the narrative of the book, it adds a real and organic feeling to the letterforms, they are fragile but also menacing at the same time. Portraying the tones in this book, the fragility of the earth and life.



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